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Scientific Journal of King Faisal University / Basic and Applied Sciences عدد الابحاث 39


Editorial: 33 Tips for Arabs who Wish to Publish in Scopus- and Clarivate-Indexed Journals

(Abdulrahman Essa Al Lily , Abdelrahim Fathy Ismail , Wael Mohamed El-Deeb, Amani Khalaf Alghamdi , Adel Aldalbahi , Ahmed O. Alnajjar and Hany Mohamed Abd El-Lateef ) Details

Genetic Studies on Hassawi Okra

(Maha Lutfi Hadid ) Details

Structural Transformation and Impact of Oil Price Change in Saudi Arabia Economy: Input-Output Structural Decomposition Analysis

(Tahira Yasmin, Ghaleb A. El Refae and Shorouq Eletter) Details

Rare Figurative Elements on the Facades of Traditional Residential Buildings in Sana'a

(Ali Saleh Al-Ghazali) Details

Tuning of Morphological, Structural and Optical Properties of α-Fe2O3 Nanoparticles by Precursor Concentration

(Adil Alshoaibi) Details

The Effect of Adding Nickel Content to Turbine Blades Coating Using Thermal Flame Spraying

(Ashwaq T. Dahham, Sufian H. Humeedi, Salih Y. Darweesh, Ziad T. Khodair) Details

Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) Techniques to Evaluate the Sand Reservation Project in Al Ahsa Oasis

(Abdelrahim Abdelmutalib Mohamed Salih, Saeed Mohammed Al-Qarni and Abbass Eltayeb Babiker) Details

Molecular Studies on the Effects of Auxins and Cytokinins on Vinca Rosae, Grown by Plant Tissue Culture

(Sumayah I. Alsanie, Mohey Elden K. Beharry and Mona S. Alahmadi) Details

Effect of Fasting and Early Feeding by Using Hydro-Gel 95 after Hatching on the Growth Parameters of Broiler Chicks

(Ammar H. Areaaer, Tariq S. Almrsomi and Ali J. Hammod) Details

Isolation and Structural Elucidation of a New Alkaloid from Delphinium Peregrinum L. Var. Eriocarpum Boiss

(Suzan Alhilal and Mohammad Alhilal) Details

The Correlation between the Body Mass Index and the Humoral Immune Response

(Rojan G.M. Al-Allaff) Details

A Study on Healthy Behaviour (Nutritional Education and Motor Function) of a Sample of Saudi Women and Its Impact on Health Status

(Abeer Ahmad, Angelika Ploeger, Johann Christoph Klotter) Details

The Extent to Which the Separation of Dwelling Units into Re-subdivided Residential Plots Meets Households’ Spatial Needs in Riyadh

(Ali S. O. Bahammam and Esam A. A. Haidar ) Details

Model Order Reduction by Using Improved Approximation Techniques

(Santosh Kumar Suman and Awadhesh Kumar) Details

An Economic Perspective on Food Security for Red Meat in Saudi Arabia

(Momtaz N. Elsebaei, Rady T. Tawfik and Maha A. Saied) Details

Comparison of Carbon Storage Measurement Methods on Agroforestry Systems in Sakon Nakhon Province, Northeast Thailand

(Yannawut Uttaruk and Teerawong Laosuwan) Details

Improve the Cantaloupe Fruit Quality and Shelf Life Using a Forced-Air Cooling System

(Mostafa M. Azam and Ayman H. Amer Eissa and Hasan A. Al-Hashem) Details

Deforestation Trends Analysis and Simulation of Future Deforestation Using GEOMOD Modeling: Jarash and Ajloun Governorates, Jordan

(Tha’r Mutlaq Mohammed Ayasrah) Details

The Effect of Additional Graphite on the Physical Properties of a Copper Hybrid Compound Using Powder Technique

(Adnan Raad Ahmed, Abbas Fadhil Khorsheed, Muatazbullah Ibrahim Abdullah) Details

The Importance of Mapping Geomorphological Hazards for Mass Movements in Mountainous Areas: A Comparative Study between Morocco and France

(Darif Jawad) Details

Structural Analysis of Joints Systems in Karbala and Al-Najaf Governorates, Central Iraq

(Ahmed Abbas Hasan Al-Moadhen) Details

Inhibition of Pathogenic Bacteria Isolated from Nuts and Seeds by Natural and Commercial Coumarins

(Munirah Fahad Aldayel) Details

Factors Influencing the Adoption and Use of Information Technologies: E-Government in Developing Countries

(Fatmah M. Almehmadi) Details

Effect of Spraying Nutritional Solution (Tecnokel Amino Mix) and Ascorbic Acid on the Growth and Flowering of Freesias (Freesia Hybrida)

(Jamal Ahmed Abbass, Mushtaq Talib Hammadi Al-Zurfi, Ammer Ghanem Shliba and Alaa Naeem Muosa) Details

The Effectiveness of the Metric Index of Biological Integration Using the Principal Component Analysis to Assess the Environment of Marshes Al-Chybayish in Dhi Qar, Iraq

(Ali Taha Yaseen, Falah Maaruf Mutlak and Abdullah Najem Abood) Details

Study of Sewage Sludge Use for the Cultivation of Plants and its Effects on Soil Properties in Al Ahsa

(Mohamed S. Al-Saikhan, El-Sayed A. Badr and Mohamed Y. Babeker) Details

Chemical and Microbial Properties and Energy Content of Rub Al-Tamr Made by Traditional and Modern Methods

(Hagir Mohamed Salih Abd Allah, Rabya AbdAlkader Lahmer and Mona Salih Dogman) Details

Preparation and Mechanical Characterisation of Basalt Fabric, Epoxy, and Silicon Dioxide Composite Materials

(Mohamad Barkat Ibrahim, Hussein Yousef Habib and Rafi Mousa Jabrah) Details

Physico-Chemical and Sensorial Properties of Ketchup Enriched with Khalas Date Pits Powder

(Nashi Khalid Alqahtani) Details

Influence of Drying Techniques on Drying Characteristics and Quality of Mint Leaves

(Gamal R. Gamea, Ali Mufarreh Al-Amri and Emad A. Almuhanna) Details

The Association between Periodontal Disease and Obesity: Roles of the Dysbiotic Microbiome and Inflammation

(Ahmed Hashim) Details

The Zero-Divisor Graphs of Variation Monogenic Semigroups

(Bana Al Subaiei and Abolape Deborah Akwu) Details

Prevalence of Trypanosoma evansi in Dromedary Camels (Camelus dromedarius) in Saudi Arabia

(Maitham Abdullah Yusuf Al-Salameen, El Awad Mohammed El Hassan, Mohamed Abd Elmonem Salem, Omar Abdullateef Al-Jabr, and Fadil Mohammed Housawi) Details

Fortification the Dates Paste Bifidobacterium Lactis Bb-12 Microencapsulated of Calcium Alginate

(Abdullah Mohammed Alghazal, Farag Ali Saleh and Motlaq Mohammed Alotaibi) Details

Influence of Laser Energies on Tin Oxide Nanoparticles Plasma Parameters Prepared by Nd:YAG Laser

(Madyan A. Khalaf and Wasnaa J. Hmood) Details

The Effects of Nano Titanium Oxide Addition on the Structural and Mechanical Properties of a Ni-Al2O3 System Using the Powder Method

(Aya N. Abdulla, Ismael K. Jassim and Salih Y. Darweesh) Details

Proposal for a Secure Integrated Scheme for Cloud Computing Systems

(Nairouz Alzin, Zakria Mahrousa and Mahmoud Rahhal ) Details

Surface Water Body Extraction Using Landsat 8 Images and Different Forms of Physical Models

(Tanutdech Rotjanakusol and Teerawong Laosuwan) Details

The Effect of the Seasons and Sex on the Structure and Activity of the Thyroid Gland of Dromedary Camels

(Saeed Yassin Al-Ramadan) Details