Scientific Journal For King Faisal University


Scientific Journal of King Faisal University / Humanities and Management Sciences عدد الابحاث 9

Business Administration

The Effect of Company Recruitment Website Quality on Organizational Attractiveness and Job Pursuit Intention Applied Study on Jordanian Banks Websites

(Mohammed Khair Salim Abu Zaid) Details

Social Studies

The Religion Policy of Al Khaliphah Al-Mutawakil Ala Allah 232-247H/847-861AM

(Fathi Youssef Shawawrah) Details


The Effect of A suggested Learning Program on Developing Perceptual-Motor Abilities Among Second and Third Grade Students of Basic Learning Stage

(Abdul Basit Abdul Hafiz Mubarak grooms and Hisham Mohammed al-Hindi Nejadat) Details

Organizational Citizenship Behavior in King Khalid University

(Ali Nasser Al Zaher Winter) Details

Objective Tests of Some Undergraduate Courses at the College of Education for Elementary Teachers Preparation: An Analytical Study

(Sana Ahmed Mansour) Details


Ironic Tropes in the Poetry of Ghazi Al-Qusaibi

(Ahmed Bin Ali Nasser Honorary) Details


The Crime of the Envious Eye

(Abdullah bin Abdulrahman bin Ahmed Sultan) Details

The Error Aspects in the Adopting Fiqh and the Role of Islamic Education in Treating Them

(Mohamed Mahmoud Ahmed Tlavhh and Imad Abdullah Mohammed Abdullah) Details

Between the Want and the will in the Holy Quran

(Abdel-Shafi Ahmed Ali Ahmed) Details