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The Crime of the Envious Eye

(Abdullah bin Abdulrahman bin Ahmed Sultan)


The envious eye is defined as looking with approval mixed with envy that causes harm to the injured person. The religious evidences profoundly proved the influence of injury actually by the envious eye-if God s will be done-but it isn t decisively proved or the way it is done by be denied. The punishment of the envious is death if he intends to kill with his eye intentionally. However, if he doesn t, he only pays wergild (blood money). The punishment or wergild aren t due to unless the consequences of the envious actions were cutting a limb or making a wound in the body of the victim. The same is also done if the consequences of his actions resulted in the disappearance of a benefit, but then it gets back ok again. Moreover, the ruler is free in punishing the envious with paying wergild if the otherwise happened. The ruler must rebuke the envious if what he has done isn t punishable or a wergild free, but his actions resulted in causing harm to others. That s, the ruler must prevent the envious from meeting or getting socialized with others. The crime with the envious eye is proved either by the envious confession himself or by others testimony.