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The Effect of A suggested Learning Program on Developing Perceptual-Motor Abilities Among Second and Third Grade Students of Basic Learning Stage

(Abdul Basit Abdul Hafiz Mubarak grooms and Hisham Mohammed al-Hindi Nejadat)


This study aimed to identify the effect of a suggested learning program including fundamental motor skills on developing perceptual-motor abilities among second and third grade students of basic learning stage1548; in addition1548; to determine the differences of the suggested program on the study sample due to grade and gender. To accomplish the above goals1548; a sample of (54) male and female students was conducted1548; researchers used the Pordue measure for kinesthetic perception. Findings showed that the suggested learning program has a significant influence on improving perceptual-motor abilities among selected sample1548; for both grades and genders. Findings also indicated that no significant differences due to grade or gender. Researchers recommended the suggested program to be applied among female and male students whom ages between (6-10) years old1548; and to include the current program in physical education curricula for the first four grades of basic learning stage (2st -3th).