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The Religion Policy of Al Khaliphah Al-Mutawakil Ala Allah 232-247H/847-861AM

(Fathi Youssef Shawawrah)


The era of al mutawakil ala Allah, the tenth Abbasid Caliph, characterized by his religious policy that he adopted and which was against the intellectual and religious trends at his era, as he weakened Mu tazila and persecuted its followers, and prohibited them to talk about that. As for the Alids, he was sever towards them, and he took against them some preventive measures for the political safety of the country. He forced new restraints against the Dhimis (the Jewish and the Christians who lived under the Islamic rule), by issuing acts organizing their appearance and their roles. In addition, he limited their financial power avoiding their beliefs. All that was for his need for their support in his crisis with the Turkish military leaders surrounding him. That policy resulted in the empowerment of the Sonnah trend in the society where the fuqaha proved to play an important role in strengthening the Sonnah trend.