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The Error Aspects in the Adopting Fiqh and the Role of Islamic Education in Treating Them

(Mohamed Mahmoud Ahmed Tlavhh and Imad Abdullah Mohammed Abdullah)


The research investigate the concept of adopting figh, and showing the error aspects with it in our recent reality and the role of Islamic education in treating them throng three domains. The concept of adopting fiqh, the error aspects in adopting, and the role of Islamic education in treating the error aspects in adopting fiqh. The research concludes that what is wanted of the adopting fiqh is recognizing and understanding the methodology based on how to change the religion facts, values, high objectives into real, and so, that there are many aspects refer to the error in the adopting fiqh, such as, leaving the religion also, exaggerating in adopting, also, Islamic education treated the error aspects in adopting, through entering maintenance in education represented with goals, curricula, teacher, and learner and tending toward requisting the legislative science , and opening the door of conversation and renewing the relagion, and being far from tradition and fellow.