Scientific Journal For King Faisal University


Scientific Journal of King Faisal University / Humanities and Management Sciences عدد الابحاث 9


The Level of Legal Culture among the Students of King Faisal University: "An Empirical Study"

(Zaki bin Abdul Aziz Body and Amir bin Ibrahim al-Qurashi) Details

Teachers Attitude towards the Level and Importance of their Participation in Curriculum Planning and Development

(Mohamed Fouad Suleiman Hawamdeh and Zaid aggression) Details

Effectiveness Level of the Incentives System of the Educational Female Supervisors in the General Administration of Girls Education in El Hassa from their Point of View

(Mona girl Hamad Bin Yousef Al Aidan) Details


Symbolism of Rain in Contemporary Saudi Poetry

(Mohammed bin Mishal Twairqi) Details


Computerization of the Unit Circle of Mukhtar Arabic Poetry

(Zainab Ali Khalaf) Details

“The Collective Roles for Present Tense Letters” Written by Shams El-din, Head of Literatures and Arabization, Abi Abdalla Mohamed, Son of Deceased Badr El-Din Al-Nawagi Al-Shafei (Dec 859 AH) Authenticated by

(Najat Ali Abdulrahman al-Yazji) Details

Nomen Agentis between Nunation and Annexation in the Holy Quran A Semantic Study

(Islam Mohamed Abdel Salam) Details


Woman’s Contributions in Waqaf and Well-fair Work until the End of the Third century after Hejrah. An Applied Study on the Iraqi Pilgrimage Road and Securing Services in Holly Makkah

(Mohammed Abdullah Ahmad Akaddhat) Details

"Al-Nither", the Promised Sacrifice: A Belief-Based Study

(Abdulrahman bin Abdullah Al-Turki) Details