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The Level of Legal Culture among the Students of King Faisal University: "An Empirical Study"

(Zaki bin Abdul Aziz Body and Amir bin Ibrahim al-Qurashi)


This study aims at detecting the extent of King Faisal University students8217; awareness of legal culture, laws, rules and regulations of the university This test was conducted in relation to a sample of 968 students from all faculties of King Faisal University, which resulted in the following: 1. Low level of knowledge of the legal culture concerning the sampled students, in general, for their knowledge of university regulations and laws. 2. There are significant differences between male and female students in the testing of legal culture for the benefit of female students. 3. There are significant differences between college students of literary and scientific colleges in the level of knowledge of laws and regulations for the benefit of the science students. 4. There are no statistically significant differences between students of the research sample enrolled in different study years in the level of identifying the laws and university regulations. 5. There are significant differences between the university students who have different cumulative rates in grasping the university laws and regulations, for the benefit of students with high cumulative rates. 6. There are no statistically significant differences between university distant learning students (fathers - mothers) of different educational levels in the degree of their knowledge of university laws and regulations. Key Words: King Faisal university, Legal Culture, Students,