Scientific Journal For King Faisal University


Scientific Journal of King Faisal University / Humanities and Management Sciences عدد الابحاث 8

English Section - Literature

The Grotesque in Sam Shepards Battle Play "True West"

(Shirin Mustafa Abdel Shafi Shura) Details

Business Administration

Organizational Loyalty of Administrative and Academic-Support Staff at the Applied Sciences Colleges in the Sultanate of Oman

(Ali Ahmad Barakat and Laila Suleiman Chemli girl and Salim bin Abdullah Naobei) Details

The Impact of Human Resource Management Practices on Firm Performance (Applied Study from Universalistic and Contingency Perspectives)

(Mohammed Khair Salim Abu Zeid and Mohamed Mahmoud Miqdadi) Details

The Sources of Palestinian Teachers Work Stress A Pilot Study on a Sample of Male and Female Teachers Who Joined the Teachers Upgrading Program in Al-Aqsa University

(Nazmi Mustafa Odeh and Attaf Mahmoud Abu Ghali) Details


Students Assessment of Practice Teaching Program in the College of Education, King Faisal University

(Abdulrahman bin Ibrahim and beloved Zaki bin Abdul Aziz Body) Details


Discrete Memory Reading of the Novel "Guiltys Blood Color in My Palm" Written by Alhabib Alsayeh

(Abdul Wahab Bohleyh) Details

Titles Discourse: A Study in the Structure of Title in the Saudi Novel (Selected Samples)

(Hassan Mohamed Alnami) Details


Inaction and Its Jurisprudence "A Fundamental Study"

(Ayman Ahmed Alyan Dradkh) Details