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Students Assessment of Practice Teaching Program in the College of Education, King Faisal University

(Abdulrahman bin Ibrahim and beloved Zaki bin Abdul Aziz Body)


The purpose of the study is to assess the evaluation degree of King Faisal University Students of the Practice Teaching Program (PTP) throughout five aspects. These aspects were; PTP role in enabling students to utilize skills and knowledge acquired at the professional preparation program, supervisors duties, cooperative teachers duties, school management duties, and teaching practice committee role. A random sample was chosen comprised of 477 male and female students from the College of Education. A questionnaire was used for data collection. The data were analyzed using suitable statistical methods. The results indicated that students evaluation degree of the both total and separate aspects was average. Male students evaluation degree of the total aspects was high, and so it was for the first, second and fourth aspects, whereas it was average for the third and fifth aspects. However, female students evaluation degree of the total aspects was more- than- average while the separate aspects were only average. Furthermore, there were significant differences between the students evaluation degree of the total aspects according to the gender variable in favor of male students. According to above-mentioned results, the work suggested a set of educational and organizational recommendations in order to upgrade PTP in the future. Key Words: College of Education, King Faisal University, Practice teaching program.