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Titles Discourse: A Study in the Structure of Title in the Saudi Novel (Selected Samples)

(Hassan Mohamed Alnami)


Title is a part of the prologues of novel text that affects the nature of the response to the text. All prologues, including title, cover page, author name, publisher, and preface are somatically helpful in setting the dimensions between the title and the receiver. The question now is, can a title be overlapped, dismissed, or think of as a mere marginal to the text? In this paper, we will address and examine the nature of titles of Saudi novels rather than the remained prologues. What are the preferences of the Saudi novelists? To what extent can a novelistic title affect the readability of the novels? Primary assessment of Saudi novels titles indicated how novelistic title provoke novelists to use titles of nonliterary character, seeking mainly to gain marketability, or making a stand, or stressing early literary appeal. For these reasons, the importance of reevaluating the Saudi novelistic title emerges in addition to defining its significance. Key Words: Saudi novels, Title context, Title structure.