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The Grotesque in Sam Shepards Battle Play "True West"

(Shirin Mustafa Abdel Shafi Shura)


This study explores the origins of the term "grotesque" and discusses the range and breadth of its applications, a complicating factor in its definition. It will analyze Sam Shepards grotesque play "True West" (1981). Shepard evidences patterns of healing and communion by moments of shared nourishment, sensory experience, or insight; shared imagination or forms of creation; and even shared conflict. Unlike typical studies of Shepard focusing on themes, techniques, and styles, this study will propose a new reading of Shepard in the light of his broken, psychologically unbalanced, and identity-lost characters. However, it is only a beginning toward exploring new territories in Shepards drama. Key Words: American family, Black houmor, Grotesque, Samuel Shepard, True West play.