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Scientific Journal of King Faisal University / Humanities and Management Sciences عدد الابحاث 5


The Role of Micro Interpretation and Semantic Primitives In Translational Commensurability

(Sheikh Omar Young) Details


The impact of Public expenditure on domestic product in Kuwait

(Hussein Ali Age) Details


The Role of Word of Mouth in Students Selection of the Private University: A Field Study for Faculty of Finance and Administrative Sciences at Philadelphai university, Amman Private university and Applied Sciences University

(Kurdish Khaldhasin and Mustafa Saeed Sheikh) Details


Shari a Judge Decisions Differing From the Actor s Belief In Cases of Unknowingly Violating Shari a Law

(Abdullah bin Mohammed Smaeel) Details

The Impact of Holy Suna on the Formulation of Jurisprudential Rules. "Applicable Study on the Books : Al- Ashbah and Al- Nuddar for Al- Saiouti and Ibn Nujaim"

(Mohamed Mahmoud Ahmed Tlavhh) Details