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Scientific Journal of King Faisal University / Humanities and Management Sciences عدد الابحاث 9


Invisible Bias in Nominating and Selecting Gifted Students

(Abdullah M. Aljughaiman, Waleed K. Albosaif) Details

Educational Robots and Creative Thinking Skills

(Renad M. Alrobia , Nada J. Alsaleh ) Details

Factors Affecting Students’ Readiness for Flipped Learning: An Innovative Approach

(Abdulhameed R. Alenezi) Details

Developing Analytical and Critical Reading Skills Through the Linguistic Context: The Philosophy of Text Grammar

(Mahmoud Abdel Hafez Khalaf Allah) Details

Appropriate Grammatical Topics for Non-Arabic Speakers

(Mohammed Alluhaybi) Details

The Influence of the Low Variety in Advertisements: The Saudi Context

(Yasir Zayed Alasiri) Details

Empowering Women in University Leadership Positions: The Saudi Context

(Leena Sulaiman Alkhlewi) Details

The Impact of Climate Change on Human Rights: The Saudi Context

(Nehad Farouk Abbas) Details

Islamic Education and its Consideration of Contemporary Matters: An Enquiry into School Curricula

(Hassan Sayed Shehata) Details