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The Impact of Climate Change on Human Rights: The Saudi Context

(Nehad Farouk Abbas)


Climate change is a global as well as a local issue due to its impact on both international and local levels. Climate change is defined as the change that affects the components of the environment surrounding humans, such as air, water, and soil. Accordingly, it harmfully impacts some of the most basic determinants of health, including clean air, clean water, clean food, adequate shelter, and protection from disease. The study problem emerges from the discussion on the impact of climate change on human rights in international law and the Saudi system. This study sought to demonstrate and discuss the impact of climate change on human rights and showed that climate change influences all aspects of life that directly and indirectly affect human rights, for instance, air and water pollution. Undoubtedly, climate change harms human health and life and even damages plants irrigated by polluted water. Consequently, green Saudi Arabia achieving the goals of Vision 2030 of protecting human rights from climate change that comes on green spaces from any aspect of the environment, like water, air, or soil. Therefore, which, in turn, has harmful effects on life in general, health, water, food, and housing.


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