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Business Administration

An Empirical Study of the Role of CRM Critical Success Factors in the Successful Implementation of CRM

(Mahmoud Miqdadi and Ali Ibrahim Mohammed Yasser Awartani and sewing) Details


Self-Efficacy and its Relationship With Locus of Control Among a Sample of Girls College Students

(Nayef bin Mohammed Al-Harbi and Nevin girl Mohamed Ali Zahran) Details


The Historical Precedence of Al-Awad in Writing Blank Verse

(Mohammed bin Salem Safrani) Details

The Technical for Woman Figure in Arabian Proverbs

(Abdul Majid Mohamed Alasdowa) Details


The Attitude of Linguists Towards Analogy as a Tool for the Developing of Arabic Language

(Najat Ali Abd al-Rahman al-Yazji) Details

Narration by "Who, Which, What" interrogative with some letters, and its policy from structure and analysis

(Ibrahim bin Hamza Hassan Subaihi) Details


The Forgiveness

(Ahmed bin Abdul Aziz Short) Details