Scientific Journal Of King Faisal University
Basic and Applied Sciences


Scientific Journal of King Faisal University / Basic and Applied Sciences عدد الابحاث 10


Prospective Comparative Study of Mrcp and Ercp in Biliary and Pancreatic Duct Abnormalities

(Abdul Aziz Abdul Latif consort, Mona Hassan Ismail, Abdul Mohsen Abdullah Al-Melhem,) Details

Antimicrobial Susceptibility Pattern of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Antibiotic Use in King Fahd Hospital of the University in Khobar, Saudi arabia

(Huda Abdul Rahim Bukhari and Abu Hani determined Mowafy) Details

Veterinary Medicine And Animal Resources

Venom Yield and Toxicities of Six Egyptian Snakes with a Description of a Procedure for Estimating the Amount of Venom Ejected by a Single Snake Bite

(Abdel Aal and Ahmed Abdel-Basit *) Details

Serum Concentration of Aluminum, Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorous in Camels

(Khalid bin Ahmed Abusadh) Details

Bacterial Contamination of Drinking Water in Selected Dairy Farms in Sudan

(Ibrahim Mohamed Ahmed Imam and Essam Mohamed Ali Aljali *) Details

Estimating Current and Future Needs of Veterinary Professions in Saudi Arabia

(Sid maxillary and Yahya bin Ibrahim Adel Afaleq *) Details


Enhancement of Multimodal Biometric Systems Using an Improved Unconstrained Cohort Normalisation

(Fawaz Assa'edi) Details

Impulsive and Poisson Noises Removal Using Takagi Neuro-Fuzzy Network

(Sarah Behnam Aziz and Abu Hail Maitham martyr) Details


Study of Air Pollution Emitted from Traffic Activity in Dammam Cities

(Mahmoud Fathi Mohamed Cherkaoui) Details

The Role of Facilities Management in Activating Public Participation in the Process of Developing and Upgrading Informal Settlements in the Cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

(Ben struggled intended Tarm) Details