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Crisis Management Practices among Girls Secondary School Leaders from Teachers' Perspectives in Abha City

(Sarah Ashag Maudhah AL-Qahtani)


The importance of this study comes from the essential subject "Crisis Management", which is one of the modern and important administrative subjects. The study aims to identify the level of leaders' practice of crisis management operations including crisis planning, building crisis management team building, leadership in crisis, crisis communication system, crisis information system, and crisis calibration based on the opinions of a sample representing high school teachers in Abha city. The work adopted descriptive methodology using a questionnaire as a data-mining tool after testing for stability and validity. The research sample was (263) teachers. The notable results of this study were that the leaders' practices of crisis management operations grade was moderate except for crisis leadership, which was great. Results revealed insignificant statistical differences between the sample degree responses due to educational level, experience, training courses on crisis management for the practices of leaders in high schools in Abha city in respect to crisis management. The study proposed several recommendations including continuous test of crisis management plan, periodic training of crisis management teams, strengthen communication between schools and other community foundations in crisis occurrence in addition to conducting further studies on the effect of organizing, guidance, decision making, and observation on the process of crisis management in Abha city. Key Words: Administrative practices, Crises management, School leadership.