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The Attitudes of Various General Educational Stages' Teachers towards Comprehensive Evaluation Application and Effect of Some Variables on such Attitudes

(Subhy Saeed-AlHearthy)


This study aims to investigate the attitudes of general education's teachers of various educational stages towards the application of the comprehensive evaluation. It also investigates the effect of teachers' qualifications and experience on these attitudes. Descriptive survey methodology was used. The studied population contained all teachers belonging to the evaluated general education stages. The sample consists of 199 teachers of the second semester of the year 1432/1433 classified according to the study's variables. A survey of attitude towards the application of the comprehensive evaluation is applied on the sample of the study. The main findings of the study indicated that the sample of the study has a positive attitude towards the comprehensive evaluation. It also indicated the presence of general agreement between the sampled individuals on the key factors that promotes the success of application of the comprehensive evaluation. In addition, the results indicated that educational qualification or experience had no significant effect on the attitude of the sampled teachers. The study concludes with the recommendation that an independent authority should perform school evaluation. Key Words: Comprehensive Evaluation.