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Imam Aldarakotni's Approach in Classifying Narrators into Reliable Persons or Reliable Prophet Tradition's Narrators

(Khaled Abdulaziz Ahmaad Alrbaiia)


Prophet traditions scholars used special Arabic terms to define narrator's status. Some of these terms are clearly understandable while others must be traced back to scholars' quotes to understand its meaning. Of these terms are the terms of Aldarakotni's "Salih, a reliable person" and "Salih Alhadeeth, a reliable prophet tradition narrator" that he used simultaneously. This work aimed to define the Imam's intention of using these terms utilizing a list of narrators whom were classified according to these terms. The study indicates that those narrators classified by Aldarakotni's as "Reliable, Salih" fell into two groups; Early narrators who were contemporaneous to the era of the tradition, and late narrators who narrate copies (most of them were his teachers). When Aldarakotni applied both terms to the first group, he meant that those are suspicious narrators whose narration can be written for consideration and judged before approval. As for the second group, he meant that they are not lying as they narrate written tradition from books and copies and their verbal narration are scarce as those who narrates written narration was not regularly interested on audited narration. The study recommends that modern scholar should put more attention to study the approaches of distinguish scholars' judgments of narrators and narrations according to research regulations in addition to merging and applying theoretical and practical approaches on early scholars work for a true and clear understanding of their findings. Key Words: Alhakem, Alzahaby, Ibn Eljawzy, Imam Ahmed, Narration scholar.