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Secondary School Physics Teachers Attitudes towards Utilization of Different Evaluation Methods

(Maan Qasim Alhiapp and Fathi Mohammed Obonasr)


This study aimed at investigating the physics teachers attitudes toward using different evaluation methods. The sample of the study consisted of (90) governmental school male and female physics teachers at Irbid Directorate. To achieve the objective of the study, a five point Likert scale questionnaire consisted of (50) items was validated and used to measure the physics teachers’ attitudes. The results revealed that physics teachers attitudes, in general, were weak with a mean score of (55.8%). There was no effect of either gender, teaching experience, or educational qualification on their attitudes. Based upon these results, it is recommended that knowledge of how to use different evaluation methods should be a part of physics teachers certification and training, and that more effort should be exerted to convince them to use different evaluation methods. Key Words: Evaluation Methods, Physics Teacher, Teaching experience.