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Effectiveness of Group Cognitive Behavioral Counseling Program in Reducing Post-basic Education Stage Students Psychological Stresses

(Amjad Mohammed Suleiman Hayajneh and Aziz bin Abdullah bin Amer Postal)


This study aimed to build a group-counseling program based on collective cognitive behavioral modification and explore its effectiveness in reducing stress among students at the post-basic education stage in the Sultanate of Oman. The study sample consisted of (22) students who received the highest grades on a scale of psychological pressures used in this study. This sample was divided into two equal groups: experimental and control groups. The experimental group received a collective component of (14) guidance sessions twice weekly. Each session lasted for (60-75) minutes. Whereas. the control group members did not receive any treatment. The results of "Mann-Whitney U test" showed that there were significant differences in the stress level between the experimental and control groups on the after and the follow-dimensional measures for the experimental group. This indicats the effectiveness of the extension program additive effectiveness in reducing psychological stress among members of the sample. Key Words: Group Cognitive Behavioral Counseling. Post-basic education. Psychological stresses