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Ibn Saber Who Initiated Non-Designated Words "AlKhalifah" in Arabic Syntax

(Ali Khalifah Atwah)


Syntax scholars adopted three components of speech; nouns, verbs, and prepositions according to Sībawayh. The words that are not part of his classification initiated a debate among scholars. It was until Ibn Saber initiated the term "Alkhalifah" to describe such type of speech as the fourth component. This term became popular among modern scholars. Despite the popularity and importance of this term, modern syntactic studies and vita books did not present adequate information about Ibn Saber. Thus, it is essential to collect the dispersed information about him in an analytical study that introduces his life, opinions, and era properly. This study came in three parts: the first "identifying Ibn Saber" which included his name, surname, title, ancestry, birthplace, work, doctrine, troubles, illness, and passing away. The second part covers his trips, education, teachers, peers, and students. The third part covers his syntactic opinions, books, and poetry. The main findings of this work is that the available vita of Ibn Saber had too many typographical mistakes. Ibn Saber was born in Malaga, Andalusia in 625H/1227G, and died in Egypt on 662H/1263G. He received his education from, Hamid Alnahawy, Abou Mouhamed Bin Attia the student of Alsohaily, Ibn Alsabouny, Ibn Soraqa Alansary Alshateby, Alsharif Ezzeldien Alhussainy, and several others. His main peer was Abou Jafar bin Alzubier, the teacher of Abou Hayan Alandalusi. Ibn Saber followed the deoctrine of Kufies in his reported syntactic openions. Finally, His initiation of "Akhalifah" was a specific transition twords releafing the burden of concept and terminology of speech classification. Key Words: scholar agreement, speech Classification, syntactic terminology.