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Relation of Creative Problem Solving with Efficient Working Memory in a Sample of Gifted Students at King Faisal University in Saudi Arabia

(Hemdan Mamdouh Ibrahim Al-Shamy)


Gifted students have abilities and talents that distinguish them from ordinary peer students. Attention and care became a necessity imposed by international development conditions, and a major requirement for any educational system. Therefore, the research aimed to investigate the relationship between creative problem solving and efficient working memory of this group of students. The descriptive approach was used. The research sample consisted of (69) gifted students in King Faisal University. The Creative Problem Solving Test, the Efficiency of Working Memory Test, and the Behavioral Characteristics Scale of gifted students were administered to participants. "T-test", Pearson Correlation Coefficient, and Multiple Regression were utilized in the statistical analysis of data. Findings of the research revealed high efficiency of among gifted students in working memory and creative problem solving. There was a statistically significant and predictable positive correlation between efficiency of working memory and creative problem solving. The work recommended taking into account the role of efficient working memory in creative problem solving in addition to building programs to develop the efficiency of gifted Students in working memory and creative problem solving. Keywords: Creative Solution, Gifted Category, Memory, Problem Solving, Working Memory Components.