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Determining the Quantity of Absorbed Water During Cooling and the Lost Liquids by Grilling in Broiler Carcasses

(Mohammed Mahrous)


number of 60 birds from broiler chickens aged 42 days old were slaughtered after it reared at a private farm in Damascus rural. The chest and the thigh were separated from the carcass, then the specific parts of every carcass were soaked in a cold water (to 2 oc) for different periods 3, 6, 9, 12 hours, then the chest and thigh were grilled roasted. There was a significant difference between the different time treatments 3h:9h,3h:12h,6h:9h,6h:12h respectively concerning the absorbed water in the thigh, the total amount of infiltration water was evaluated as 10.15%, 13.2%, 15.16% and 17.85% respectively. The weight of the chest increased insignificantly, as previous time periods differes by about 7.58%, 10.43%, 11.22%, 11.52% respectively. The edible parts of internal organs increased by 6.57 %, 10.36 %, 11.8 %, 12.59 % for the mentioned periodical treatments, respectively, and the differences were statistically significant at those periodical treatment 3h:6h, 3h:9h, 3h:12h, but insignificant differences were found for weight of grill carcass which evaluated as 3.87 %, 4.53 %, 4.98 %, 5.32 %,respectively. The quantity of lost liquid increased as time periods increased, for thigh, where the lost fluids volumes recorded 43.43 %, 48.39 %, 50.53 % and 53.11 % for the mentioned periods respectively. The differences were significant for the treatments of 3h:12h, 6h:12h, 9h:12h ,while the differences were not significant between the different time treatments for the quantity of lost liquids from chest grilled, the evaluated was as 43.37 %, 55.15 % 57.82 %, 58.9 %, respectively. There were positively significant correlation coefficients between the weight of both thigh and chest before grilling and the quantity of lost liquids during grilling which varied between 0.45 and 0.99. Key words: Carcass, Broilers, Water Absorption by Carcass, Loss of Fluids by Grilling