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The Artistic Image in the Novel “The Critical Case of Mr. K” By Aziz Mohammed

(Amirah Ali Abdullah Al-Zahrani)


This critical approach aspires to address the artistic image in the novel "The Critical Case of Mr. K" by the Saudi author Aziz Mohammed. The significance of this study lies in its answers to the following questions: how did the protagonist’s critical case play a role in creating a special artistic image? How did the writer’s talent showcased while using the artistic image in portraying the disturbing reality of the protagonist? Where do the origins of artistic images lie within the text?, and what are the most pressing rhetoric styles that shaped the image representing the case? This study aims to discover the impact of the protagonist’s critical case in creating the artistic image, and relying on artistic techniques and linguistic elements only, using the artistic method in analyzing the image. One of the main study outcomes is that the artistic image aesthetics in this work surpassed even the momentum of the event and its transformations, in a way that made the work closer to a biography than a novel. The image was created artistically following the special impression of the protagonist’s critical case. It has been recommended to this approach to study the impact of the protagonist’s detachment from his job in creating the novel’s language, its rhetoric, and descriptive styles. This sense of disconnection differentiated the novel with rather a congested narrating language, appeared, mainly, in the first part of the novel, before discovering his illness. Key Words: Aesthetics, Imagination, Rhetoric.


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