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Effect of Fish Meat and Fish Oil Intake on Blood Lipid Profiles in Hyperlipidemic Rats

(Najat Ali Al-Qasim and slaves)


This research aims to study the effect of cooking on the approximate composition of some popular fish in Al-Hassa. Also, to study the best methods of cooking fish. After local screening of the most popular fish in Al-Hassa, 4 types of fish Kanad, Shaiery, Hamour and Hamra were chosen and cooked by 2 ways, that is : frying and roasting in oven ( the 2 best ways of cooking fish in A-Hassa). Subsequently, samples from raw and cooked fresh fish were analyzed chemically to determine protein, fat, moisture and ash. Further more, other samples from raw fresh fish were analyzed to estimate their content of total fatty acids and omega-3 and omega-6.