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Scientific Journal of King Faisal University / Basic and Applied Sciences عدد الابحاث 14

Veterinary Medicine And Animal Resources

Protection of Goats, with a Sheeppox Vaccine, Against a Virulent Field Capripoxvirus with High Affinity to Goats

(Abu Tayeb Zein - Fadel Taher is) Details

Effects of 1,4- Dioxane on Some Blood Parameters of the Swiss Albino Mice

(Iman Abbas Musa) Details

The Level of Growth Hormone, Insulin -like Growth Factor-I in the Plasma of Yearling Awassi Ewes During Pregnancy and Lactation

(Shehadeh Qskos, Eberhard Creon,) Details


Effect of Gonadal Sex Steriods On Serum Leptin Level of Both Adult Male and Femal Rats

(Wafaa Mohamed and Badria Shazam) Details

Effect of Planting Dates, Nitrogen Levels and Bio-fertilization Treatments on 1:Growth Aattributes of Sugar Beet (Beta vulgaris, L)

(Ahmed Qandil and Mohsen Badawi, Saad Al) Details

Effect of Bio-Fertilization Along With Different Levels of Nitrogen Fertilizer Application on the Growth and Grain Yield of Hassawi Rice (Oryza Sativa L.)

(Ahmed Abdel Rahman Naim and a friend) Details

Application of a Mass Transfer Model for Simulation and Prediction of Moisture Distribution in Stored Corn Grains

(Ali Omari and the mystery behind the seal) Details

Rooting Response of Lime (Citrus Aurantifolia Christm Swingle) Cultivar (cv.) Loomi to Indol Butric Acid (IBA), Rooting Media and Date of Planting Cuttings

(Ghassan Rashid Abdullah and Abdul Latif a) Details

Response of Some Canola (Brassica Napus L.) Genotypes to Drought

(Abdul Rahim night, Suleiman Line) Details


Cobalt (II), Nickel (II) and Copper (II) Complexes of Carbohydrazide and its Arylidene Derivatives

(Mohammed Jaber - Monthly Char) Details


On Applying an Evolutionary Engineering Method to Evolve a Neural Net XOR System

(Ahmed and Abdul Latif Alehirh Rakhmon) Details

Scientific Review

Prion Diseases : A Review : II. Prion Diseases in Man and Animals

(Mansour Faris Hussein and Saud bin APRA) Details


Toward Practicing Architecture Within the Concept of Sustainable Development

(Hashim bin Abdullah Al-Saleh) Details


Preliminary Contribution to Study of Jellyfish in Saudi Coastal Water in Arabian Gulf

(Mohammed Bakr and Abdul Aziz Suwail) Details