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The Artistic Potential of the Historical Heritage Symbols in Al Ahsa as an Entrance to the Creation of a Ceramic Tourist Souvenir

(Yasser Mohamed Fadl and Samah Mohamed Abd El Naser)


The aim of this research is to record and classify the historical heritage symbolic elements in Al Ahsa, revealing its artistic elements to create a ceramic tourist souvenir design by combining the ceramics and painting techniques to expresses the cultural heritage of the city. The study follows the analytical descriptive methodology of the historical heritage symbols in Al Ahsa and the designing of some ceramic tourist souvenirs, using three-dimensional drawing programs. One of the important results is that the Oasis of Al Ahsa has an abundance of artistic and aesthetic historical heritage symbols, which can be as spiritual sources to artists and craftsman to create tourist souvenirs designs applicable on the ceramic surface characterized by originality and contemporary. The research concludes with a recommendation to encourage artists and potters in the city to produce tourist souvenirs characterized by authentic and contemporary elements reflecting the features of local culture and heritage through the implementation of small projects. KEYWORDS tourist souvenir, ceramic painting, heritage symbols