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The Aesthetic analysis of Al Ahsa Historical Doors and their Use in Tourist Wall Hangings

(Salwa Abo allele Mahmoud Abass and Hanaa Kamel Hassen Elseaidy)


The research sheds light on the importance of Al Ahsa historical doors through studying the decorative vocabulary component of these doors. The research procedures include a study of the distinctive environmental and urban characteristics of Al Ahsa, which made it into the list of UNESCO’s global human heritage. The research followed the analytical descriptive approach to the of the traditional decorations of the doors. It seeks to understand and analyse the symbolic connotations and formal and aesthetic features of the doors in order to reach the design of tourist wall hangings with different materials with aesthetic visual effects, by using graphic programmes. Wall hangings contribute to the registration of heritage motifs and present them in a new template that fits with the requirements of the times and works to revitalize the tourism side, which leads to the revitalization of the economic rate in Al-Ahsa to be a tourist front for visitors. KEYWORDS heritage, doors, urban planning