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Effect of Planting Dates and Compouned Fertilizers on Growth, Yield and Quality of Hassawi Onion Under Al-Hassa Oasis onditions

(Mohammed Abdulaziz Aelaidalsalam and p)


A field experiment was carried out during 1999-2000and 2000-2001, to study the effect of three planting dates (September 20, October20 and November20) and four compound fertilizer rates ( F1= 20% N, 20% P, 20% K .F2=19% N, 29% P, 11% K, F3= 14% N, 38% P, 10% K and F4=16% N, 9% P, 26% K) on vegetative growth, yield, yield quality, mineral composition in bulb onion and chlorophyll a and b in onion leaves. It is concluded from this study that 20 October date and F3 fertilizer Treatment (14% N, 38% P, 10% K) were the most effective for optimal prodution of Hassawi onion. There were significant differences in the vegetative growth yield and yield components between the different planting dates and fertilization. Planting on October 20 gave the better results than other dates, while F3 ( 14% N, 38% P, 10% K gave the best results for vegetative growth yield,and yield quality. Also 20 October planting date along with 14% N, 38% P, and 10% K gave better results for number of leaves/plant, leaf area/plant, dry/fresh weight%, average bulb weight (gm), bulb yield kgm2 bulb shape index, N, P,. K chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b contents than other treatments.