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Developing Adult Education Centers in Al-Ahasa Governorate Using the Strategic Planning Approach: Proposed Alternatives

(Nahed Abdulla Almoosa)


Adult education can play an influential role in the pursuit of development. In spite of the interest, Adult education in Saudi Arabia is still in need of development. The aim of this study is to explore ways of developing adult education centers in the light of strategic planning and to identify the reality of these centers in Al-Ahsa governorate. To achieve these objectives, the study relied on descriptive methodology. The interview tool was used after verifying its validity and reliability. Based on the results of the tool's results, a questionnaire was built (SWOT analysis). After verifying its validity by 13 specialists, the questionnaire was applied to a sample of 30 individuals in a pilot study. After validation, the questionnaire was applied to a sample of (157) out of (233) female individuals representing the administrative and educational authorities of the 32 female adult Education Centers in Al-Ahasa Governorate. The results of the study showed many difficulties, including the weak combating activities of illiteracy and development of adult education due to poor planning, poor implementation, and coordination procedures, lack of linking curricula, educational, or training programs with learners needs. In the light of these results, the study presented several strategic alternatives to develop adult education centers. Key Words: Opportunities, Strengths, Threats, Weaknesses.