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Practicing Degree of Administrative Transparency in the Saudi Ministry of Health A Pilot Study

(Adnan Abdullah Alshiha and Nawal Hamood ALmukalfi)


This study was carried out on April 2014 at a time when transparency in the Saudi Ministry of Health was an issue of public opinion after the spread of the Corona epidemic. The importance of this study stems from determining the degree of exercise of administrative transparency in the Saudi Ministry of Health from the viewpoint of the administrative working in the ministry. This was approached by applying the descriptive analytical method through a questionnaire applied to a sample of (370) random chosen employees. The research community included employees of the ministry head quarter in Riyadh. The data was analyzed using the statistical program SPSS. The study found that the perception of the sampled individuals for the implementation degree of external and internal transparency was average. The degree of the obstacles of commitment to the exercise of administrative transparency and the requirements of commitment to administrative transparency variables reached a high approval degree according to the views of the sample. The study recommended that the ministry of health should adopt, within its development efforts, building of an organizational culture based on openness and influx of information. This should start by developing administrative leadership and activating the role of the ministry’s training centers to raise awareness and practicing of transparency. This should be accompanied with publishing instructions that ensure the right to obtain information for beneficiaries. It is also advised to publish of detailed quarterly reports of the ministry’s budget and activating the publicity of performance assessment reports. Key Words: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ministry of Health, Public administration, Transparency.