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The Relationship between Organizational Allegiance and Job Satisfaction of Basic Education Cycle Two Schools Headmasters in the Sultanate of Oman

(Mohammed Suleiman Algaraidih and Nasir Bin Hamdan AL-Naebi)


This study aimed to investigate the degree of organizational allegiance and job satisfaction of the basic education cycle two school principals in Oman. It also aimed at identifying the correlation between organizational allegiance and job satisfaction. To achieve the study’s objectives, two questionnaires were designed. The first was developed to measure the organizational allegiance with 29 statements. The second questionnaire was used to measure job satisfaction with 37 statements. The Questionnaires were administrated to (114) school directors. To answer the study’s questions, means, standard deviation, Relative Importance, and Pearson's correlation coefficient were calculated. Results have shown that the degree of the basic education school principals' organizational allegiance was high while an average degree was found for their job satisfaction. There was a positive average correlation between the principals' organizational allegiance and job satisfaction. Based on these findings, it is recommended to reconsider the principals' salaries and promotions to reduce the number of school principals who are leaving for a better salary and position. It also recommended considering the principals' suggestions, opinions, and attitudes when planning and setting policies, rules and organizing boards. Key Words: Cycle two school principals, Job satisfaction, Organizational allegiance.