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Effectiveness of Insolation on Controlling Peas Seeds Infection with Pathogenic Seed- borne Fungus Rhizoctonia solani

(Ameena A. AL-surhanee)


Rhizoctonia solani is one of the most common pathogenic fungus that is associated with Pisium sativum L. and is known to decrease its productivity. This study aimed to compare the effect of insolation with and without covering by polyethylene layers on the infectivity, growth, and germination of artificially infected pea seeds. The results showed that insolation of pea seeds was effective in elimination of this seed-borne fungus especially when covered with double layer of black polyethylene cover. This method of covering and insolation also enhanced the seeds' germination rate. The most effective outcome was obtained by exposure of seeds for a period of 30 days. Thus, insolation and covering with a double-layer of polyethylene could be established as an effective method of biological control against R. solani fungus. Key Words: Key Words: Fungi, Fungicides, Pathogenic, Polyethylene