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Social Intelligence and its Relationship with Negotiation Skills among Students at King Faisal University

(Mahmoud Mohamed Mahmoud Yaseen and Mohammed Mahgoob Ahmed)


The current study aims to identify the level of social intelligence and negotiation skill, as well as to reveal the relationship between these, in a sample of students at King Faisal University. The study used the relational descriptive approach to reveal the relationship between study variables. The sample consisted of 395 King Faisal University students from various disciplines. The researchers used multiple tools, namely the social intelligence scale, translation and Arabization by researchers (2020), and the negotiation skills scale conducted by Al-Shorbagi and Al-Harbi (2013). The study results indicated that the study sample students have above average social intelligence in the areas of manipulation and empathy. However, their social intelligence is below average in social sensitivity. The results also indicated that the students have above average negotiation skills. The results showed that there is a correlation, at a level of significance of 0.001, between social intelligence and negotiation skills. The recommendations of the study highlight the importance of improving social intelligence, as well as providing training in the art of negotiation, by including them in the curricula for university students.

Manipulation, sympathy , social sensitivity prudence and decision making , pheasant, camouflage



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