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Prophet (PBUH) Guidance for Offenders Rehabilitation

(Mohammed Issa Mosques)


Offenders were granted good share of the prophet (PBUH) care. Prophet's traditions presented a group of methods that aimed to rehabilitate offenders. It also provided psychiatrics and financial support for them. This was clearly revealed in this work. On psychiatrics level, the prophet's traditions alienated misconducts and emphasized that repentance is the key for rehabilitation. It also provided the right to refuge to god by supplication and indicated that repentance path will not be obstructed. On financial level, prophet traditions asked the society to financially support and assist offenders to overcome his ordeal. It also asked for educating offenders in a group of commands that aimed to rehabilitate and qualify offenders. The work also indicated that prophet tradition provided an ideal method to deal with offenders. It did not settle on driving offender to repentance only, but was keen to incorporate him in the society as a good useful citizen. The results also indicated the presence of an integrated system of prophet traditions for rehabilitation. Key Words: Crime, Mental rehabilitation, Rehabilitation.