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Ruling of Touching and Carrying Electronic Devices Containing the Holy Quran A Comparative Jurisprudential Study

(Mohammed Junaid Alderschew)


Examining jurisprudential cases related to maintaining and exchanging religious scripts on electronic devices is a recent interest of modern era's scholars. The current work aimed to indicate Jurisprudential rule of touching and carrying electronic devices that stores the Holy Quran. The work procedure included examining the methods of electronic programing of script the indicating the truth about the appearance of text on the devices to decide if it is real writing or not? Accordingly shall these devices be classified as Quran Volume (Muṣ'ḥaf) that can be touched and carried under full ablution. The results indicated that Quran scripts and verses stored in an electronic device memory could not be classified as Quran volume (Mus'haf) as long as it is stored only since it is not classified as text in this case. However, the Quran verses text that is displayed on the device's screen is considered true text, thus the device should be classified as a Quran volume (Mus'haf). Accordingly, there is no problem in touching, carrying or entering bathrooms with the device as long as the text is not displayed on screen. However, if the text is displayed on screen, the device gains the status of a Quran volume (Mos'haf). In the case of devices designed for displaying Quran only (Electronic Mos'haf), it should not be carried or screen touched if the Quran text is displayed on screen unless the person performs ablution. Key Words: Electronic text, Storage of Quran.