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Genetic similarity among female, male and bisexual genotypes of Pistacia atlantica Desf. using SSR technique

(Najwa and tired Hajar statement Mohammad Mazhar)


All Pistacia species are dioecious, male and female flowers are born on different trees. The recent studies identified new bisexual genotypes of P. atlantica with different structure of clusters and flowers in the South of Syria. Hence, our research aimed to assess genetic variation using SSR technique (Simple Sequence Repeat). The research was conducted at the General Commission of Scientific Agricultural Research using 15 SSR primer pairs, 14 of them were able to detect the polymorphism, which revealed 40 putative alleles, 35 of them were polymorphic (87.5%). Alleles number ranged from 1 to 9, with an average 2.86 allele per locus. Genetic similarity among all studied genotypes ranged from (0.3) between the two bisexual genotypes PA37 and PA52, to (0.9) between the two male genotypes PM1 and PM2. Genetic similarity between bisexual and female genotypes was 0.456, while the genetic similarity between bisexual and male genotypes was 0.508. Cluster analysis using UPGMA method (Unweighted Pair Group Method using Arithmetic Averages) according to Jaccard coefficient clustered all genotypes into two main clusters, the first cluster contains some of the bisexual genotypes and male genotypes, while the other cluster includes the remains bisexual genotypes and female genotypes. To estimate the efficacy of SSR technique, each of observed heterozygosity (Ho), expected heterozygosity (He), and marker index (MI) were calculated, Ho (0.357), He (0.672), MI (23.52). The results showed the importance and the efficacy of SSR technique by revealing the genetic variation among P.atlantica genotypes, since some primer pairs revealed special alleles in bisexual P.atlantica genotypes which may help to understand the mechanism of sexual inheritance within the studied species. Key Words: bisexual genotypes, genetic similarity, P.atlantica, SSR technique