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The Attitude Towards the Use of the Internet and Its Relationship to the Dimensions of Alienation and Some Other Variables in a Sample of University Students

(Khaled Al-Otaibi Nahs Pendulum)


The main purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between the attitude towards the use of the Internet cognitive, emotional and behavioral components with the dimensions of university students alienation. The study aimed to demonstrate the impact of the variables (alienation, areas of the Internet use, the rate of the Internet use, place of the Internet use) in the attitude towards of the Internet use. To achieve the objective of the study the researcher prepared and used the scales ”the attitude towards the Internet” and ”dimensions measure of alienation”. The scales were applied on a random sample of students at the Teachers’ College at King Saud University (n=216). The following statistical analysis; frequencies and percentages, four-way analysis of variance, t- test to signify the differences between the averages, correlation coefficient of the rectum, and multiple regression analysis were used. The most important finding from the sample study was that the attitude towards of Internet use was positively directed. The most common uses of the Internet were for educational purposes, followed by leisure & entertainment, cultural purposes and purchasing. Also, showed the existence of significant differences of the general attitude towards the Internet due to the variable place to use the Internet for the benefit of using of the Internet at home. Significant differences at the level (0.01) existed between high and low Internet users in the general attitude towards the Internet for the benefit of the high users of the Internet. It turned out that there is no relationship between the attitude towards the Internet and general alienation in the sample of the study. Key Words: Alienation, Attitude, Internet.