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Jordanian Clubs Administration Bodies Possession of Decision Making Skills and their Relationship to Some Variables

(Ziad Lutfi Altahaanh and Hamza Saeed Oqaili)


This study aimed at investigating the possessing of decision making skills by administration bodies of Jordanian clubs and their relationship to variables of educational degree, years of experience, and location of the club. The participants in this study were (177) members of administration bodies of Jordanian clubs. The participants completed a 36-item survey developed by the researchers that was verified by testing the credibility of the content and stability. The survey consisted of four subscales: Problem identification, alternatives development, alternative assessment, and decision announcement, implementation and evaluation. The results indicated that members of administration bodies of Jordanian clubs possess high decision-making skills. The results also showed that decision-making skills didnt differ because of educational degree, years of experience, or region of the club, except for the subscale of identifying the problem, where significant differences were found between members of clubs located in villages and those in camps. The study recommended promoting administrative members active participation in decision making process, and conducting more research with different variables. Key Words: Administration Bodies, Decision Making, Jordanian Clubs.