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Imposing of the Present Tense after "or"

(Ziad Mohammed Abu beaver)


Arabic grammarians pointed out that the function of conjunction is to link what comes later with the previous one in terms of syntax. However, Arabic speakers often tend to use some syntactical differences in some parts of his speech in order to draw attention to the discontinued word within the linguistic context in addition to show the significance of this word and its effect on foregrounding the intended meaning in his speech. This work casts light on the sites of using the conjunction “or” (AW) and could it affect the present tense syntax when it is preceded by the infinitive following it. Moreover, it shows the controversy among scholars regarding the use of the present tense in the infinitive case besides the main meanings inferred from this case. The research comprised of two sections; i.e. the first that was concerned with the situation where "or" is used as a conjunction is Arabic, while the second section dealt with the meanings suggested by the use of the present tense in the infinitive case after "or". Key Words: Conjunction with Or, Imposing, Present tense