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Ibn Alhaj Grammatical Opinions within the Book "Effective Methodologies, Almakasid Alshafia" of Alshatibi

(Salwa Mohammed Omar Arabs)


This work highlights the opinions of Ibn Alhaj, an Andalusian syntax scholar who lived during the seventh Hijri century and left an academic fortune of work that vanished as time passed with only few briefings scattered in later syntax scholars’ books. Grammarians well acknowledged the value of his opinions. Accordingly, many of them applied such opinions in their publications to support their arguments, claims, or to select a doctrine. This work traced and investigated Inb Alhaj’s opinions within the book “Effective Methodologies in Explaining the Conclusive Summary, Almakased Ashafiah Fi Sharh Alkhulasa Alkafiah” written by Imam Alshatibi. Such opinions were compared with other scholars’ opinions to test its significance in syntax studies. This work concluded that Alshatibi adopted Ibn Alhaj opinions. Furthermore, it was revealed that Ibn Alhaj followed the Al-Basra approach with restrict obedience and understanding of Sibawieh’s book. Ibn Alhaj was also keen to consider syntax basics and expressional methodologies. A major opinion that was expressed by him allowed for starting subjective sentences with an unidentified name (Nakerah) if the predicator (Khabar) has multiple determinants. Key Words: Conclusive summary, Effective methodologies, Grammatical opinions, Ibn Alhaj, Imam Alshatibi.