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Fundamental Adoption of More-than-Obligated Deeds and its Impact on Provisions: A Comparative Study

(Ayman Ahmed Alyan Dradkh)


This study addressed the issue of doing more than what is mandatory required according to Islam fundamentals. This is important as the adoption of such deeds could affect their provision as conflicted views were reported whether to consider such deeds an obligation (Wajib) or not binding (Mandoob). The work adopted an analytical reading approach. It concluded that scholar generally agreed that more-than-obligated deeds is not a must. Thus, it is considered non-binding action (Nafl) if it was not already practiced by someone. However, differences arise when such deeds are practiced. The most acceptable opinion based on this work is that more-than-obligatory deeds provisionally became part of the obligatory deed once a person practiced it. Key Words: Fundamental adoption, More-than-obligation, Provisions.