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Religious Study of Prophet Mohameds Say "Religion is Advice"

(Salwa girl Mohammad Mehmadi)


This is a study of Prophet Muhammad’s, peace be upon him¸ say (Hadith) “Religion is advice. His companion said: to whom? He said: To Allah, his book, his messenger, to Muslim leaders, and common Muslim folks”. As for advice to Allah and His book, it means glorifying his perfectness. Meanwhile, it means praising the perfect side of the prophet as messenger without ignoring his human nature. In addition, advice intends to overcome short comes of ordinary people. Advice is the mission of the prophets and their followers. It is a requisite of complete faith. In addition, it is an obligatory right among Muslims. There are rules that should be followed in the process: it should be done nicely, in secret, and seeks Allah’s acceptance. The main conclusion of this work was that our success is associated with giving truly faithful advice to each other. Key Words: Advice, Religion.