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Legitimate Status of Unified Live Call for Prayer "Athan"

(Ahmad H. M. Mousa)


This research discusses a contemporary jurisprudence issue. The unified live call for prayer "Athan" applied by some Islamic countries promoted many inquires about it. With few studies in the matter, this work aimed to present contemporary trends in the subject and discussed their evidences to arrive at the correct view of the matter. The work is composed of a preface and two sections. The preface defines both Athan and the unified live call for prayer. The first section discussed the jurisprudence of performing Athan in the cities and towns having many mosques. The discussion of scholar views about Athan and their evidences aimed to show the most correct opinion. The second section examined the views of contemporary scholars in unified Athan legitimate status and discussed their evidences to indicate the prevailing view in the matter. The main finding of this work is that Athan in cities is a desired action "Mustahab" rather than being an obligation "Wajib". Thus, the performance of unified live Athan achieves the objective of Athan as a desired action. Key Words: Call for prayer "Athan", desired action "Mustahab", unified live call for prayer.