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Poetry in Response to Sentiment and Living Environment Bashar ibn Burd Persian Praise and Arab Satire “B” Poet as a Model

(Zead Mahmoud Megdadi)


Psychological context of the poet are observed in his own poetry. There is strong relationship between the poetic context and the poet's life that is affected mainly by the surrounding society and environment. This relationship, consciously or subconsciously, is reflected on his words. The significance of this research is clear as it examines the poet/society relationship, which affected his personality, responses, and his poetry. The aim of this work is to offer a clear view of how the poet interacted with the society variables and expressed it in his poetry throughout an artistic experience covering his psychological responses to the humiliation and ignorance of his society. The study adopted an analytical approach through emotional psychological behavior concentricity. This was followed by analyzing the historical events that led to signifying such behavior. The study revealed that Bashar ibn Burd interacted with the Arab community whom he lived with, who degraded and contempt him. This humiliation forced him to respond throughout poetry. In his poetic contexts, he reveals his inner and suppressed feelings. Key Words: Bashar ibn Burd, Emotion, Humiliation, Society.