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Makkah in the Eyes of Muslim Travelers and Geographers

(Mohanad Nayef Mustafa Aldajah)


This study aims to highlight the journey to Makkah and its importance in addition to showing the richness of geographical and historical vision of travelers regarding Makkah. To achieve the research objectives, the study focused on showing the most important factors that made Makkah at the center of Arab and Muslim travelers' interest in particular. Light was then shed on the most important roads leading to Makkah, including the Iraqi road, the Egyptian road, the Yemen road, and the Shami (i. e. Syrian) road in addition to other roads and sea-lanes used by people to reach Makkah from the old world countries. To fulfil the view, other geographical, historical, economical aspects (trade, industry, and commodities), social aspects (traditions, uniforms, and food), educational aspects (scientific study programs), and arechtectual arts in that city as discussed in earlier travelers' books. The results of this work presented samples of previous travelers who visited Makkah as eyewitnesses and media reports. It also presented a detailed description of Makkah.visiual Key Words: Al- Makdessy, Ibn Batotah, Ibn Jubair.