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Prevalence of Gastrointestinal Parasites in Horses in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia

(Ahmed Ghanem Akaddara and Omar Al-Ghamdi and algebra)


Gastrointestinal parasites have great health impact on horses and economic challenge to horse owners. Little information is available on the prevalence of these parasites in horses in Saudi Arabia. The goal of this study is to document the prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites among horses in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Three hundred and two horses were tested. Fecal samples were examined using direct smear, flotation, and sedimentation techniques. Overall rate of infection was (30.46%). Tritrichomonas equi, Parscaris equorum, Dictyocaulus arnfieldi, Strongyle-type ova, Oxyuris equi and Eimeria leukarti were detected. Geographic distribution of these parasites indicated higher prevalence in horses in Al-Ahsa area and seasonal prevalence. In the meantime, parasites were detected throughout the year but with higher percentage values in the warm season than those in the cold season. Key Words: Gastrointestinal parasites, Horse, Prevalence, Saudi Arabia.