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Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Effects on Accounting: Theoretical Analytical Study

(Abdulrahman bin Ahmed Maharvi)


Many organizations around the world started to implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. These systems introduced many changes to the organizations and how they function. These changes inspire many researchers with different background such as on accounting to investigate ERP systems and their effects. Although a plethora of research has been developed in this area, ERP studies using Arabic language is rare or even none. The goal of this research therefore is to breach this gap in the Arabic literature related to ERP systems. The research methodology is based on a thorough and detailed analysis of ERP literature. The main results of this research was the identification of ERP systems, its components, and introducing how ERP systems work. In addition, the work identified the importance of studying ERP systems. It also described ERP implementation life-cycle. Finally it explained the effects of ERP systems on Accounting. Key Words: Accounting, Arab enterprises, Enterprise Resource Planning.